• Houdan (Générique)
  • Pont roman Montchauvet (Printemps Eté)
  • Auberge de la Fleur de Lys (Générique)
  • Montchauvet (Générique)
  • Randonnée (Générique)
  • Chevaux Haras Tacoigneres (Générique)

A few words on local specialties

Except the productions of the farm, the Pays Houdanais offers other wealth:

Coffee (roaster)

La Torréfaction du Donjon
13 Grande rue
F-78550 HOUDAN
Tel. : +33 (0)1 30 46 14 26

Roasted coffees on the spot, Teas, Herbal teas, Chocolates & sweets.


The caviar counter

Quality house, the caviar counter exists since 1991. Launched in the Mass-market retailing, it has established itself as a reference with its products of excellence. Since 2012, they are refocused on gastronomy and offer products for fine gourmets: caviar, trout eggs, tobikos, etc. You can go to this warm house whenever you want.

For opening times and more information, it's here: https://www.comptoirducaviar.com/


The hen of Houdan

Key element of our territory, the hen of Houdan is a true celebrity and recognizable by far thanks to its black plumage flecked with white or its majestic hoopoe. Another specificity: this chicken breed has five fingers!

It is one of the oldest French breeds but the climax of its production took place at the end of the XIXth - beginning of the XXth century.

It is also known for its particularly tasty flesh.