• Houdan (Générique)
  • Pont roman Montchauvet (Printemps Eté)
  • Auberge de la Fleur de Lys (Générique)
  • Montchauvet (Générique)
  • Randonnée (Générique)
  • Chevaux Haras Tacoigneres (Générique)

Ancient Plainting Museum

Established in 1839, the plaiting factory of la Maison Lemaire developed an industry the technical know-how of which has been recognized worldwide among textile factories for 135 years. Installed on the site of the factory in 1994, the Musée de l'Ancienne Sparterie proposes to discover this old job by means of preserved tools and of several exotic and even unexpected manufactures, plaited in sisal or coconut. The site also offers a historical lighting of the Dammartin-en-Serve heritage (Neolithic occupations, Gallo-Roman dwelling, etc.).

Entrance fee: €2 / adult and free until 25 years old

Contact : Associations CRHISODES - website : www.musee-le-mas.fr